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NEW SkyCaddie | LX5 with Ceramic Bezel

Available today!

SkyCaddie | LX5 with Ceramic Bezel


The SkyCaddie LX5 Smart watch is a premium golf watch that provides a dynamic and stunning visual display of the course to provide critical distance information you need to play your best golf. 

NEW Orange Whip | GFX Power Peel

Get Fit. Get Healthy. Swing Better.

Orange Whip | GFX Power Peel


The GFX Power Peel was designed specifically for Golf Fitness X streamable swing workouts, practice drills and LightSpeed training.

GPAINT | Golf Club Paint

"It's really that simple"

GPAINT | Golf Club Paint


GPAINT, the simplest way to personalize, touch-up or custom paint-fill your golf clubs. From irons and putters to wedges and woods. Apply paint-fill to existing numbers, letters, logos, sight-lines and stamping to any golf club in your bag.