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The Perfect Putter | Premium




The Premium Pack comes with The Perfect Putter device together with the extension for long range putts, the stand for more stability, 4 different gates sizes for practicing your drills and a carrying bag. Manufactured 100% with the highest quality non-corrosive 316 stainless steel. It is 20" tall x 20" long. Good for putts up to 21 feet without extension and 41 feet with extension.





The Perfect Putter is a patented device that generates a Perfect roll every time! It can also work as a Stimpmeter. The number “0” on the side will give you an estimate speed of the greens. This putting tool will show you and teach you how to determine the perfect line and perfect speed for your putts.

The result: better line + better speed = more putts holed!





For Golfers

The Perfect Putter is great for golfers of all levels, from professionals to beginners. This device allows any golfer to test their green reading abilities, work on their visualization of the true break on a putt and set up very effective practice drills to improve their putting.

For Instructors

The Perfect Putter is a great device to help your students understand the importance of matching speed with intended line. It is also the only training aid that allows instructors to test their student’s 4 key aspects of putting (Green reading, Aiming, Speed and Stroke).

For Golf Courses

The fact that The Perfect Putter creates the perfect roll on the golf ball every time, gives golf superintendents the abilities to start testing the condition of the greens. The Perfect Putter can also work as a Stimpmeter. The 0 on the side is calibrated to give you an estimate speed of the greens.





There are many ways to use The Perfect Putter. Use the Gates Set to practice some of our drills and you will improve your ability to read greens, so you can hole more putts! Once you introduce The Perfect Putter in your practice you will:

  • Start reading putts properly
  • Gain more confidence
  • Hit better putts
  • Make more putts
  • Lower your score





The Perfect Putter Step 1

Read the break of your putt

The Perfect Putter Step 2

Align the device on the direction you want the ball to start

The Perfect Putter Step 3

Place the ball on the number according to the distance from the hole

The Perfect Putter Step 4

Release the golf ball

The Perfect Putter Step 5

Watch the ball go in the hole!

The Perfect Putter Step 6

Mark the spot where the ball left the Perfect Putter track.
Then, try it with your putter.