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TurfHound | Tee Station (TS049)



  • 5'9" long x 4'9" deep
  • The TS049 is a stand-alone tee station that includes two fairway turf panels surrounded by an attractive and durable frame.
  • The TS049 sits in a frame and has two panels that can also be reversed and has two tee slot openings in each panel. It has grommet holes in the frame to secure the station to either concrete or on pressure treated wood.
  • Includes TurfHound | Telescopic Tee Holders (2).
  • Includes TurfHound | Telescopic Tees (10).




  • Individual Tee Stations by TurfHound are available with different designs and features. They consist of a stand-alone tee station that includes two fairway turf panels, either frameless or surrounded by an attractive and durable frame.
  • TurfHound Tee Surfaces feel real: in addition to saving the cost of watering, TurfHound's unique core construction effectively duplicates the geometric compression of natural turf. No other synthetic surface comes as close to TurfHound when it comes down to the feel of real turf.
  • The secret of the TurfHound Tee Surface is the combination of its proprietary foam core, embedded in a unique urethane blend, covered with the finest grass layer available. TurfHound surfaces accurately simulate the feel and performance of healthy natural turf. While ordinary golf mats focus their attention on the hitting surface, TurfHound's creators have replicated the physical dynamics and response of natural turf embodied in the top ¼" to ½" of soil. You can practice your swing again and again on a TurfHound Tee Surface, then step onto the fairway and enjoy the same swing dynamics on natural turf. As many pros will tell you, TurfHound Tee Surfaces are by far the most authentic representation of natural, healthy turf they've ever hit from.
  • Great for the environment as the use of TurfHound reduces your water usage:

    • Proven to be the most realistic synthetic playing surface in Golf
    • Unique modular design reduces replacement cost and extends product life
    • Enhances facility with the best looking artificial turf on the market
    • Lower overall maintenance expenses given the high cost to grow grass