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IMPACT SNAP | Training Aid


Many amateurs’ swing flaws emit from poor wrist and hand technique. The IMPACT SNAP believes it has found the solution to this problem. With a simple 'click' sound, the IMPACT SNAP device -- comprised of a golf grip, small steel attachment and ball -- lets its user know when proper motion has been attained, and when the hand/wrist ailment is out of whack. It’s easy to use, takes up little room, and offers immediate feedback.

"The IMPACT SNAP is a golf release training device. Invented by my friend Kelvin Miyahira, it was designed to train the wrists and forearms in 3 different motions that occur in a proper release of the golf club." 

Martin Nowicki – PGA Professional and Owner of IMPACT SNAP





Fix Your Impact, Fix Your Game

4-Time PGA Section Teacher of the Year winner, Marty Nowicki has been around the game for a long time. The biggest difference he's noticed between good golfers and not-so-good golfers is at the point of impact. If your wrists and forearms are not connecting the right way, you're breaking down at impact, flipping, scooping, or even chicken-winging, the higher your handicap is going to be. 

It's that simple! 

To gain the consistency you want, there are three key motions to understand:

  • Ulnar Deviation
  • Flexion
  • Supination


    Sounds complex. But fortunately, the IMPACT SNAP makes it simple. 

    There’s really nothing else quite like the IMPACT SNAP on the market today. It helps golfers feel perfect impact and compression. The result? You improve fast. But you need to use the IMPACT SNAP every day until you've changed any improper mechanics. 

    • Save money on golf school
    • Say goodbye to expensive lessons
    • Practice anywhere, anytime or in the convenience of your own home


      Try the FREE 7-Day Training Program using the IMPACT SNAP.

      The IMPACT SNAP Clubhead Attachment is available as an attachment option or sold separately.